The Company

Our mission

To provide complete ease and confidence to the customer we offer full range of solutions – architecture, design, construction and repair of residential and business buildings.

To maintain the highest possible quality of the processes through constant innovation and investment of qualification and knowledge.

To guarantee that the deliveries of the materials are on time and at best possible trade conditions. To achieve that goal through proactive trade activity.

Innovation and qualification

We in YOUR belief that the public, personal and business prosperity is determined by the constant innovation and adoption of new solutions. Therefore, we constantly invest in qualification, information and experimentation. Thus we are in position to offer the most effective, long lasting and quality solutions to our clients.

Business ethics

We are proud to declare we follow responsible business behavior devoted to the highest possible European standards. The mix we use to add social value to our activities consists of – antidiscrimination policy, use of low carbon footprint materials and local charity activity.

Health and safety

Recognition and follow up of all the health and safety requirements at the work place is implemented in the core values of YOUR. We systematically build uncompromised corporate culture with one and only aim – zero accidents.


Plamen Pavlov

executive director

With more than 20 years leadership experience in trade, construction and interior design Plamen Pavlov is responsible for the overall development of the YOUR family. Most important projects are under his direct supervision.

Zhelyazko Mitev

commercial director

Strategic development of the market and trade relationships are under direct supervision and management of Zhelyazko Mitev. He has more than 15 years experience in local and international business projects in a leadership position.