This is very responsible part of the construction and YOUR works with proven specialists built their name through the years.


Roof waterproofing, rain gutters - trade and installation

VASROOFING is a specialist in waterproofing works which includes – research, design and execution of roof waterproofing and trade with waterproofing materials and components.

The company has its own large team which covers any stage of the activity – trade, design, installation. VASROOFING also has its own warehouse – a solutions for quick reaction and availability of needed materials and equipment.

The activities company performs are:

  • waterproofing systems installation
  • facade insulations
  • gutter system installation

Georgievi Brothers

Roof waterproofing solutions from Georgievi Brothers

Another company in the family of YOUR is Georgievi Brothers. The company is a leader on the local market of waterproofing and heating insulations installation.
Innovative technologies combined with uncompromised quality is the success formula of the company.

Georgievi Brothers imports and trades with roof tiles, metal guttering, rain gutter components, roof windows, ceiling ladder, ice protection systems.

The services offered by the company are:

  • roof waterproofing insulation
  • roof windows and ceiling ladders
  • rain gutter systems
  • heat roof insulations
  • roof tiles


Our main activities

YOUR covers four main directions

Construction of low efficiency houses

Architecture and interior design

Turnkey building and construction

Trade with specialized building materials