Your home

Short deadline for execution

We construct residential and business buildings using innovative technology with dry processes. Compared to “traditional” wet construction this technology allows dramatic optimization of the construction timetable.

We guarantee execution of the project in 3 months!

Solution for plots with difficult access

We can build your dream home at places which cannot be reached by heavy machinery. Dry construction technology does not require concrete mixers, cranes and heavy trucks. It allows construction in places with difficult access.

Save on heating and ventilation

Our projects cover the requirements for low energy consumption. With small additional investment we could even cover the requirements for passive house.
European legislation provides incentives for building which cover these standards. Even without these stimulus the benefit from low electricity bill is immediate and visible.

Final strokes

We have our own company for interior design, which puts us into position to offer turnkey solution to our clients. It includes all installations, furniture and tested and installed devices. From the very start our architects work close with the interior designers. Thus we provide full synchronization of all the solutions and short execution deadlines.