Water Technology

Water and sewer

Water Technology is a company from the family of YOUR, which offers complete solutions for water and sewer.

The company is well equipped with the needed machinery and qualified team and provides the following services:

  • research for water sources
  • water treatment facilities
  • construction of artificial lakes and ponds
  • construction of water infrastructure and sewerage
  • construction of watering systems
  • maintenance and after sale service
  • repair and accident support

Water and sewer

Water and sewer for the home and the office

YOUR has its own small and mobile team for water and sewer operations in the home and in the office. Our professionals are equipped with quality tools and provide services like:

  • construction of water infrastructure systems indoors – home and office
  • construction of sewerage
  • installation of sinks, baths and toilet
  • installation of water consuming devices – boilers, washing machines, water meters
  • maintenance and after sale service
  • repair and accident support


Our main activities

YOUR covers four main directions

Construction of low efficiency houses

Architecture and interior design

Turnkey building and construction

Trade with specialized building materials